May 02 2017

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Right to Work in Missouri


Why is Right to Work Wrong?

Average workers in states with RTW laws make $6,109.00 a year or (12.1%) less annually than workers in others states.

The rate of workplace deaths is 49% higher in states with RTW laws, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Right to Work states spend 32.5% less per pupil on elementary and secondary education than other states.

Poverty rates are higher in states with RTW laws (15.3% overall and 21.4% for children). compared with poverty rates of 12.8% overall and 18% for children in states with these laws.

The Infant Mortality Rate is 12.4% higher in states with Right to Work laws.

Fighting Back

Here is how working people are fighting back! Thanks to Machinists Union for putting this video together! https://www.goiam.org/news/imail/fighting-back-rtw-missouri/?utm_source=Newsletter+April+2017&utm_campaign=April+WLHS+NL&utm_medium=email

Posted by Missouri AFL-CIO on Friday, April 14, 2017

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